Food Menu

Please note that our ingredients may contain one or more of the following allergens; cereal, peanuts, nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame seeds, eggs, milk, soya, celery and celeriac, mustard, sulphur dioxide and sulphites

If in doubt please ask a member of staff. Fish dishes may contain bones.


    Plain / Masala Popadom £0.50

    Chutney Tray various pickles £2.00


    All starters are served with salad and mint sauce. (All dishes are marinated in olive oil)

    JayRaj Special (for 2) £6.95
    Chicken pakora, chicken tikka, kundan machli and sheek kebab.

    Prawn Puri £3.95

    King Prawn Puri £4.95

    Chicken Piazi £2.95
    Succulent strips of chicken cooked with onions and topped with crunchy onions.

    Amritsari Murgh £3.95
    Succulent slices of chicken with potatoes fried with onion, mix peppers, topped with cheese.

    Mixed Kebab £3.95
    Onion Bhaji, Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tikka.

    Meat Singgara Somosa £2.50

    Chicken Chaat £3.95

    Chicken Pakora £2.50

    Mixed Starters (for 2) £6.95
    BBQ paper filled with chicken and chickpeas, finished with melted cheese on top, king prawn pakora, chicken tikka, served with sweet n sour sauce.

    Stuffed Potato £3.95
    Roasted potato filled with minced lamb and cheese, served with sweet n chilli sauce.

    Chicken Platter £3.95
    Fresh chicken pan fried with mixed peppers, onions, garlic, coriander, finished with home made sweet n sour sauce.

    Tandoori Chicken (On the bone) £3.25

    Chicken Tikka (Boneless) £2.95

    Duck Tikka £3.25

    Lamb Tikka £3.25

    Garlic Mushroom £2.95

    Salmon Tikka £3.95

    Chilli Cheese Kebab £3.25
    Minced lamb mixed with crushed chillies, garlic, ginger, onions, mixed peppers, coriander and cheese, cooked in our special tandoori oven, served with mint yoghurt sauce.


    Jay Raj Special (for 2) £5.95
    Stuffed mushroom, onion bhaji, veg singgara.

    Amritsari Jhaal Sabzi £3.95
    Fresh seasonal vegetables fried with onion, chillies, mix peppers, topped with cheese.

    Paneer Sabzi Mirch £2.95
    Cubes of cheese cooked with vegetables with a hint of chilli.

    Onion Bhaji £2.25

    Vegetable Singgara Somosa £2.50

    Chot Poti £2.95
    Chick peas in a hot, sweet and sour sauce.

    Stuffed Mushroom £2.95
    Stuffed with mashed potato, onions, and cheese.


    Tandoori Chicken Main £6.95

    Two pieces of Chicken on the bone.

    Tandoori Mixed Grill £7.95
    One piece of Chicken on the bone, King Prawns, Lamb Tikka,Chicken Tikka and Sheek Kebab.

    Chicken Tikka £6.75
    Large portion.

    Lamb Tikka £6.95
    Large portion.

    Salmon Tikka £8.95
    Large portion.

    Duck Tikka £8.95
    Large portion.

    Tandoori King Prawns £10.95
    Large portion.

    Peri Peri Chicken £7.95
    Famous Peri Peri Chicken on the bone, marinated in special home made sauce, flamed with brandy.


    All classic dishes are available in:

    Chicken £5.95
    Chicken Tikka £5.95
    Lamb £6.95
    Lamb Tikka £6.95
    Beef £6.95
    Vegetable £5.50
    Duck £8.95
    Prawn £7.95
    King Prawn £10.95
    Cod £8.95
    Salmon £8.95

    the above classic dishes are available with these sauces:

    A combination of spices fried together to provide a dish of medium strength

    Rogan Josh
    Cooked with ginger, garlic and fresh tomatoes

    Cooked with very hot and spicy sauce

    Balti Exotica £7.95
    Tandoori Chicken on the bone, Lamb Tikka, King Prawns cooked with onions, mixed peppers, herbs, spices and homemade balti sauce

    Produced from a wide range of oriental spices

    Cooked with extra onions, herbs and peppers

    Cooked with tomato puree, hint of lemon juice with very hot spicy sauce

    Cooked with lentils and pineapple to create a sweet and sour avour

    Cooked with onions and peppers in a special balti sauce to provide a dish of medium strength

    Special Mixed Balti £7.95
    A mixture of chicken, lamb and prawn cooked in our special balti sauce. Flambed with brandy.

    Sweet, Sour & Hot


    Signature Dishes

    All special dishes are available in:
    Lamb £6.95 - Beef £6.95 - Duck £7.95 - Prawns £6.95 - King Prawns £10.95 - Salmon £8.95 - Cod £8.95

    Chicken Malai Kumbi (N) £6.95
    Succulent pieces of chicken breasts poached in coconut milk cream and honey and a hint of chilli nished with mushrooms topped with roasted almond flakes

    Chicken Masala Achar £6.95
    Chicken breast marinated in mustard seeds, lime and curry leaves simmered with onions, chillies & fresh lime creating a tangy spicy sauce

    Adraki Lamb £6.95
    Succulent tandoori lamb spiced cooked with fresh ginger, onions and turmeric creating a rich spicy masala

    Shajani Chicken £6.95
    Marinated chicken cooked in a clay oven then cooked with yoghurt, coriander, garlic and ginger tarkad with bay leaf.

    Sweet Chilli Chicken £6.95
    Chicken Tikka cooked in bhuna style with red and green peppers, nished with Jay Raj special sweet chilli sauce

    Chicken Chilli Masala £6.95
    Barbecued tender chicken cooked in tandoori spices with fresh green chillies. (Hot)

    Chicken Tikka Korahi £6.95
    Chicken Tikka cooked with lemon, diced onion, peppers, garlic pickles, coriander, nished with oprohdisiacs and ammed with sambucka

    Chicken Makhoni (N) £6.95
    Boneless spring chicken cooked with plump mango, coconut, almond, sultana and cashew nuts. (Mild)

    Lamb Palak £6.95
    Medium spiced cooked with spinach and tarkad with fresh garlic

    Turka Lamb £6.95
    Succulent tender lamb marinated in mint, chilli and lime juice, then simmered with bay leaf topped with caramalised tomatoes and fresh mint

    Cheese Kofta £6.95
    Spicy Chicken Tikka Meat Balls cooked with spicy sweet n sour sauce, topped with mature cheddar cheese

    Chicken Tikka Balti Masala £6.95
    Cooked with Mango and a medium balti sauce

    Asian Bhuna Masala £6.95
    Traditional Bangladeshi dish, in a rich masala sauce, cooked with chef’s own spices, with cherry tomatoes and chillies

    Deshi Garlic Chicken £6.95
    Chicken breast marinated then cooked with fresh garlic

    Chicken Korma £6.95
    A mild creamy dish

    Chicken Jal Jool £6.95
    Highly spiced chicken cooked with fresh ground spices, squeeze of lime honey and chillies. Creating a hot, sweet and sour sauce avour (Hot)

    Naga Chicken (Fairly Hot) £6.95
    Indian homemade naga pickles, cooked with chicken or lamb

    Jay Raj Special Passanda (N) £7.95
    Fresh Chicken Breast, Lamb and King Prawns marinated in garlic paste, yoghurt, olive oil, honey, coconut milk, barbequed in a clay oven then simmered with homemade passanda sauce, ground almonds, nished with cashew nuts, raisins and cream. (Very mild)

    Chicken Dhai Turka £6.95
    Tender breast of chicken marinated in yoghurt, crushed back pepper and fresh mint nished in a caramalised red onion sauce

    Chicken Tikka Masala (N) £6.95
    Cooked in youghurt with coconut and almond

    Jalfrazi £6.95
    Cooked with onion, mixed peppers topped with coriander and green chilli, available with chicken or lamb. (Hot)

    Keema Rezella £6.95
    Chargrilled chicken cubes cooked in a spicy hot sauce tempered with red onions and minced meat. (Hot)

    Chicken Jaal Masala £6.95
    Barbequed Chicken cooked in a fairly hot spicy sauce, onion, mixed peppers and special sweet sauce

    Aje Baje £6.95
    Combination of Chicken and Lamb cooked with diced onions, mixed peppers, green chillies, tomatoes and fresh coriander. (This dish is highly recommended)

    Signature Seafood Dishes

    All special dishes are available in:

    Prawns – £7.95 King Prawns – £10.95 Salmon – £8.95 Cod – £8.95

    Lahori Jall Machli
    Juicy pieces of cod cooked with tomatoes, dry chillies and spring onions

    Jhool Ginger
    King prawns marinated in honey chilli and yogurt. Simmered in coconut milk and ground fresh spices. Finished with cashew nuts

    Jhinga Shahi Zeera
    Jumbo tiger prawns marinated in tandoori spices barbecued and then simmered with cumin, yoghurt and green peppers


    Chicken or Lamb or Duck or King Prawns, barbequed with mixed peppers, onions, tomatoes marinated in chef’s special tandoori sauce, served with mint sauce and salad

    Chicken £6.95
    Lamb £6.95
    King Prawn £10.95
    Cod £8.95
    Salmon £8.95


    Jay Raj Special £7.95
    Jay Raj Special fried chicken biryani.

    Lamb Biryani £7.95

    Chicken Tikka Biryani £7.50

    Duck Biryani £8.95

    Prawns Biryani £7.95

    King Prawns Biryani £10.95

    Vegetable Biryani £6.95


    10oz Sirloin Steak £10.95
    Sirloin Steak cooked as you like, served with mixed steamed vegetables, salad, baby potatoes or chips, fried mushrooms and peas, gravy.

    Tuna Steak £8.95
    Served with cauliflower, baby potatoes or chips, melted cheese and honey and lemon sauce.

    Omelette £5.45
    Chicken Omelette, Mushroom Omelette, Cheese Omelette or Plain Omelette, Served with chips or baby potatoes, salad and sauce.

    Scampi £4.95
    Served with chips or baby potatoes, salad and sauce.

    Seabass £7.95
    Served with creamed mushrooms, with honey and lemon sauce.


    Add below dishes available as:
    Side Dish £2.95
    Main Course £5.50

    Sabzi Shashlic Paneer
    Potato, cauliower, broccoli with mixed peppers, paneer (cheese), tomatoes barbecued and nished in tandoori sauce

    Sabzi Paneer Masala
    Fresh vegetables and cheese simmered in a rich spicy masala

    Saag Paneer Garlic
    Fresh spinach and Indian cheese cooked in a garlic masala

    Crunchy cabbage, cooked in a medium masala sauce

    Sabzi Darbar
    Fresh seasonal vegetables tossed with red onions, cumin and crushed black pepper

    Matka Haryali
    Chickpeas and baby potatoes cooked with garlic and ginger, nished with chillies and lentils

    Makon Bahari
    Fresh seasonal vegetables simmered in coconut milk with cinnamon and nished with mangoes

    Saag Aloo Spinach and potato

    Bombay Aloo Potato bhaji

    Phool Gobi Cauliower bhaji

    Tarka Dall Lentil

    Bindi Bhaji


    Special Rice Fruity rice cooked with egg £2.25

    Pilau Rice £2.00

    Pea Pilau Rice £2.20

    Boiled Rice £1.95

    Mushroom Rice £2.20

    Keema Rice mince meat £2.20

    Lemon Rice £2.20

    Egg Rice £2.20

    Plain Fried Rice with spring onions £2.20

    Mirchi Rice hot, cooked with green chilli £2.20

    Vegetable Rice £2.20

    Special Naan Stuffed with chicken, potatoes and onions £2.25 Plain Naan £1.95

    Tandoori Roti £1.50

    Garlic Naan £2.20

    Peshawari Naan Sultana, almond and coconut £2.20

    Keema Naan with mince meat £2.20

    Kulcha Naan with vegetable £2.20

    Cheese Naan £2.20

    Cheese & Garlic Naan £2.50

    Chips £2.00

    Chicken Tikka Wrap £3.95

    Chapati £1.50

> SPECIAL 4 COURSE MEAL £9.95 Sunday till Thursday Popadom and Chutney Tray

    Served with salad and dressings.
    Chicken Tikka or Onion Bhaji or Chicken Pakora.

    All available in Chicken, Lamb or Vegetables, Bhuna, Balti, Balti Masala, Curry, Dopiaza, Masala, Madras, Pathia, Rogan Josh, Jalfrezi, Vindaloo.

    SUNDRIES Pilau Rice or Plain Naan Bread.
    Desserts Also Now Available


    Fantastica £3.50
    Vanilla and caramel ice cream with chocolate balls, toee pieces and caramel sauce

    Maharaja Kul £3.50
    Exotic mango ice cream, rippled with peach sauce and topped with a mango piece

    Vanilla Fudge £3.50
    Vanilla and toffee ice cream rolled in strips of fudge

    Truto £3.25
    Chocolate coated ice cream with a core of chocolate sauce

    Rocky £3.25
    Delicious vanilla ice cream lled in chocolate coated wafer basket and topped with chocolate buttons

    Strawberry Flute £3.50
    Cream and strawberry ice cream, garnished with a strawberry topping and fruits of the forest

    Punky £2.50
    Vanilla ice cream in a free plastic toy

    Vanilla Ice Cream £2.95